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About Us

About Us

Crafting Dreams into Concrete Realities

At Nautiyal Developer, we go beyond bricks and mortar. Since our establishment in 2017, we’ve redefined construction, blending innovation with precision to shape dreams into tangible structures. Led by Er Sanjay Nautiyal, our founder and CEO, a visionary in civil and structural engineering, our journey is marked by excellence.

Er Sanjay Nautiyal: A Visionary Leader Our founder, Er Sanjay Nautiyal, leads with expertise honed through a B.Tech in Civil Engineering and an M.Tech in Structural Engineering. As an Associate Member of renowned engineering institutions, an Approved Professional Engineer, and an Authorized Structural Engineer, his leadership is the driving force behind our success.

Building Staffs

Assembling a skilled, collaborative team at Nautiyal Developer, fostering innovation, safety, and commitment to excellence in construction.

History Emphasis

Rooted in a history of innovation, Nautiyal Developer emphasizes a legacy of excellence, shaping visionary constructions since 2017.

Economic Outcomes

Nautiyal Developer drives positive economic outcomes through innovative construction, job creation, and sustainable development, fostering prosperity and growth.

Our Portfolio Speaks Volumes

Residential or commercial, each project in our diverse portfolio reflects our dedication to creating spaces that inspire. From homes that resonate with lifestyle to commercial spaces designed for success, we bring dreams to life.

Sister Firm Collaboration

In collaboration with Nautiyal Structures and Geo Consultant, we offer comprehensive structural and geotechnical consulting, ensuring the stability and longevity of every project.